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Dear Family and Friends,

Pastor Valera, Yulia, his wife, and kids are on their way to the Youth Camp in Western Ukraine. 26 Eastern Ukrainian kids ages 12-16 from the war zone accompanied by a Christian soldier and doctor will take two long train rides to the Youth Camp in Western Ukraine. At the end of their first ride, they will stop in Kiev (the capital) and visit a zoo, a museum, and eat at McDonalds! Most have never been outside of their cities before so this should be very exciting for them. They all suffer from PTSD from the effects of the ongoing war. The camp starts on Monday, August 7 and ends on Tuesday, August 15th. Please pray for these teenagers that God would speak to their hearts about His love for them.

Below is a list of campers and their year of birth. Valera and Yulia have asked that we pray for each camper by name. They also are very thankful for the financial help to bring these kids to this camp for the first time.

Thank you very much for your prayers and help!


To God be the glory,




P.S. The attached picture: the leaders of the camp as they traveled to the camp today. Yulia is in the middle front; to her right is Karina, their daughter,  sons Mark, to her left, and David, in front doing the peace sign.

Bilobrovets Lia 2002

Mashurov Pahom  2005

Biryukova Amina 2004

Mashurov Volodymyr 2008

Mashurova Asya 2004

Karmanchikov Mark 2000

Karmanchikov Olexandr 2002

Karmanchikova Yana 2004

Mahnyk Mark  2000

Sayko Evgeniy 1999

Dubok Katerine 2003

Shkarevskaya Anjelika 2004

Prohorenko Oxana 2003

Shpileva Mary 2004

Koldin Sergey 2001

Sharan Alexsandr 2002

Vdovin Viktor 2001

Sysoy Alexsandr 2001

Belyanina Iryna 2004

Gnoevaya Darya 2004

Panov Nikolay 2002

Melnik Helena 2003

Sofich Bogdan 2004

Tsvetash 2004

Anichkina Kristine 2003

Syrovaya Elizavetta 2003



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