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Dear Family and Friends,

Cip is doing such a great job of ministering to so many different age groups in the villages God has led him to in Moldova . Attached is a report of his exciting ministry activities for July. I was so happy that we could bring him to Italy to participate in our Youth Camp there. Everybody loved him and his ministry.

One very important need is the repair and upkeep of his van. Currently, he needs $400 for tires, suspension repair, and general maintenance. Without his van, it would be very difficult for him to travel to the villages to do the work God has called him to do. In the beginning of his village ministry, he used to take 1 or 2 buses and walk 8 miles to get to the first village. He did that for 2 years! And there are 7 villages!

The rental of a gym in Chisinau for the village students who attend the university would be a great extension of this ministry in their lives. At the gym, he could continue the martial arts training, hold Bible studies and prayer groups, and have informal discussions with youth seeking God. The rental cost is $350 per month.

At the end of his report, you will notice the building in the 2nd village that we still want to purchase. $5,000 has already been given for this and $20,000 remains. This building would be a huge ministry tool for Bible studies, TKD classes, English classes, food distribution and so much more! We are praying for these needs.

Your prayers and financial help allow him to continue doing his passion of sharing the Gospel through martial arts, camps, conferences, and one on one meetings with community leaders and others adults.

Thank you for your continued support and love,



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