Dear Prayer Partners:

Greetings from the shores of Lake Victoria in Kampala, Uganda. Randy and I are about to fly home this evening after a very fruitful mission together. My oh my do we have some amazing stories to tell … I shared Christ with 500 Muslims, and snuck in the back door of a Muslim School … and over one half of the 500 students and several Muslim teachers came to Christ!

Our outreach in Luzira marketplaces, churches, slums, schools, hospitals and prisons has netted 1,550 fish … conservatively!!! It has been so amazing with some incredible stories to tell from this mission. The Lord has organized so many incredible divine appointments that it is just even too amazing to describe … even down to the details. THANKS FOR PRAYING … this is where the great victory surely remains.

Randy has been just great on this trip! He really helped get the Africa Hope Bible Institute started in Lira, Uganda. We have so many funny and amazing stories to tell … elephants blocking our road and charging our car, huge crocidiles lunging at our boat … but as our insurance sticker on the windshield said: “We won’t make a drama out of a crisis.” I took a boda-boda ride (motorcyle) ride where we were run off the road with the wild and crazy drivers here, and Randy really knocked himself out on this mission … literally from head to toe … but we are still alive and smiling about it … so PTL!

Jose Zayas and our team was really “Rock & Roll” … 24 missionaries starting scared, hesitant, fearful … sharing their testimonies … and then Holy Spirit power came upon them all … and they no longer “Share” their testimonies … they are PREACHING their testimonies with great power and passion now! The men and women on this mission were really in love with Jesus … and many Muslims came to Christ just on the testimony of John 13:34-35 … the love of the team … it was really wonderful.

We sent the team on to Soroti up North … where they will encounter much more raw and primitive peoples … and we are praying have even more fruit in Jesus Name. We are coming home … rejoicing in the harvest!

Blessings From Uganda,

Gil & Randy ~ II Corinthians 2:14


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