Jonah was a prophet of God.  God told Jonah to go tell the big city of Nineveh to stop doing […]
God told Joshua to march the army around Jericho for seven days.  Joshua obeyed God and the walls of Jericho […]
Darius became king of Babylon.  Daniel was his chief helper.  But the king’s other helpers did not like Daniel.  They […]
After Moses died, Joshua became leader of the Israelites.  God led them into the promised land, but there was a […]
Elisha often traveled to the town of Shunem.  He became friends with a nice couple who built a room in […]
Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh and tell him to let the Israelites go free.  Pharaoh says no and makes […]
Elisha helped many people.  One day he met a woman who was upset because she owed someone money.  Elisha told […]
When Moses was a man, he left Pharaoh’s palace.  Moses tried to protect the Israelites, so Pharaoh tried to kill […]
A man named Elisha was plowing a field.  God chose him to be Elijah’s helper.  Together they told many people […]
Many years after Joseph had died.  There was a new Pharaoh in Egypt, and he didn’t like the Israelites.  He […]
Ahab was king of Israel.  He didn’t worship the one true God, but he prayed to an idol called Baal.  […]
Joseph helps prepare Egypt for seven years with no food.  Joseph’s family also has no food, so they come to […]
God told Elijah to go to a nearby town.  He found a widow who would take care of him.  The […]
Joseph is taken to Egypt and eventually thrown in jail.  Joseph helps other prisoners who have strange dreams.  Later, Pharaoh […]
After King Solomon, there were many kings of Israel.  One king was named Ahab.  He did not love God.  God […]
Joseph was one of Jacob’s twelve sons.  Jacob loved him more than his other sons, so he gave him a […]
King Solomon was David’s son and he also loved God.  God spoke to him in a dream.  King Solomon asked […]
While living with his uncle Laban, Jacob got married and had many sons.  He became a shepherd.  One day, God […]
A Psalm written by David about how God loves and takes care of His children.  Find this story in the […]
King Saul chased David but didn’t catch him because God was watching over him.  After King Saul and Jonathan died, […]
When Isaac was an old man, he told his oldest son Esau to bring him food and then he would […]
King Saul became grumpy, so his servants asked David to play the harp for him.  Saul enjoyed David’s playing so […]
When Abraham’s son Isaac grew up, his father wanted him to get married.  They sent a servant to Abraham’s homeland […]
Goliath was a giant soldier who fought for the Philistines.  All the Israelites were afraid to fight him except for […]
One day when Abraham was resting near his tent, three visitors came to give him a message.  Abraham would have […]
Saul was a good king for about 20 years.  Then he began to disobey God.  God sent Samuel to find […]
Abraham loved God. One day God told Abraham to move to a new land.  God led them to a place […]
God’s people wanted a king.  God told Samuel to warn the people about all the trouble a king could bring.  […]
After the flood, all people spoke one language.  They decided to work together to build the tallest tower ever.  God […]
When Samuel was a little boy, Hannah brought him to serve God at the tabernacle.  One night, Samuel heard a […]
Many years after Adam and Eve left the garden, the whole earth was filled people doing bad things, except Noah.  […]
Hannah loved God.  She wanted to have a baby but couldn’t.  Hannah prayed that God would give her a baby, […]
God finished his creation and gave Adam and Eve one rule – never eat the fruit from the tree of […]
Naomi grew up in Israel, but her husband took her and her sons to a different land.  One of her […]
God had planted a beautiful garden for Adam called Eden.  Adam was given the task to name all the animals.  […]
The Israelites were in trouble again.  God chose Samson to save the Israelites from the Philistines.  Samson was tricked by […]
In the beginning, God created everything.  The light, the day, the night, the oceans and the sky.  God created the […]
God’s people kept disobeying his rules.  So God allowed their enemies to take all their food away.  When the Israelites […]
The disciple John was sent to live on an island.  While he was there and angel appeared to him and […]
The Israelites lived in the promised land for many years.  But a bad king from another land began ruling over […]
Some people did not like Paul and his friend Silas preaching about Jesus.  One day, they were thrown in prison.  […]
God told Joshua to march the army around Jericho for seven days.  Joshua obeyed God and the walls of Jericho […]
Paul traveled far and wide.  He told many different people about Jesus.  He started several churches outside of Jerusalem.  Find […]
After Moses died, Joshua became leader of the Israelites.  God led them into the promised land, but there was a […]
Saul did not like Jesus’ followers.  But one day, while trying to put them in jail, Saul saw a bright […]
Finally, the Israelites arrived near the promised land.  God told Moses to send spies there.  The spies told Moses about […]
One day, Peter and John were going to the temple.  They saw a man who could not walk.  Peter said […]
God led the Israelites to a mountain.  God called Moses to the top of the mountain and gave him ten […]
The new believers studied with the disciples.  They prayed together, sang together and shared everything they had.  Find this story […]
The Israelites became tired and hungry after leaving Egypt.  They complained to Moses.  God sent quail and manna for them […]