Well we’ve been here for just over 24 hours and we’ve had changes already. We were supposed to visit a Bible college today but the pastor thought we were doing it on Tuesday and so there was a mix up in communication. FLEXIBILITY!!! So, we organized all the clothes that were given for the trip by which villiage we would take them to. We also gave some things to the Bishop that we are working with. His name is Richard. We spent time with him at the place we are staying and then at his home. He told us alot about ministry to the Maasai and ministry here in Kenya. He is a great contact here for future ministry and seems wonderful to work with. I look forward to sharing more about him and his ministry when I get back. Tomorrow we head for Samburu and will be ministering to churches on the way. Including the stops at the churches it takes about 8 or so hours to get there. Keep us in prayer. I don’t think they have a computer at our next place so my next update won’t be until Monday the 5th.


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