What is “Got Hope?”

“Got Hope?” is the joint effort of Madera’s churches to GIVE HOPE to our city by covering Madera with intentional Outreach the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday. We want every person in Madera to attend church on Easter so they can hear the Gospel message. Major components of Got Hope?” are…

Door to Door Ministry
The main focus of Got Hope? is the door-to-door ministry. Our goal is to knock on every door in this city to
1. Invite them to attend a church on Easter Sunday, April 24th
2. Pray for them
3. Ask if they need a Bible (and give them one if they do not have a Bible or if they do not have one they can understand)
4. And, if the Lord opens the conversation, to tell them about Jesus

Monday and Tuesday nights during the campaign will be our Door to Door Ministry in the neighborhoods around our church. Saturday mornings during the campaign will be our Door to Door Ministry with other churches around town. Each Saturday we will meet at 9am at Town and Country Park.

Prayer Ministry
The task before us is huge! Therefore, prayer is an essential component of this outreach! During the campaign the Churches of Madera will have prayer going 24-7. Sign up for an hour of prayer and pray for the lost in our city. If you would like to “sign up” for a prayer time please contact Shauna Scalzo at 662-1431.

We will also be involved in prayer walking/driving in the communities near the church to “prepare the ground” before the teams go out to knock on doors. If you would like to participate in prayer walking/driving contact the church office.

Yard Signs and other Promotion
We want Madera to know about our “Got Hope?” campaign. The goal for the promotional items is to peak the interest of our city. Therefore, yard signs will be available. The more people who put a sign in their yard, the greater impact this campaign will have!

We will also have business cards with the “Got Hope?” theme that can be given out to people we meet around town. The business cards will have a hotline number to call for anyone interested in “finding hope” as well as a short message about our hope in Christ on the back.

These resources can be picked up at church beginning Wednesday March 16th. Please donate $2 for each yard sign you take to help offset the expense of “Got Hope?”

Wednesday March 16
The 40 day city-wide Got Hope? Campaign begins!
YARD SIGNS and Business cards can be put out!


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