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PUR·SUIT – /pərˈso͞ot/ – 1. the action of following or pursuing SOMEONE or something.  2. an activity of a specified kind!

Now it’s obvious that SOMEONE stands out.  That SOMEONE is Jesus Christ – the ONE we are in Pursuit of.  Why are we in Pursuit of Him?  So we can know Him more and better prepare ourselves for eternity with Him.  But we still have time here on earth and we don’t know how long, and that Pursuit involves a task!  Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 9:24 to run the race of the Christian life in order to win it.  Only this Pursuit ends in eternity with Jesus.  It begins, however, when we come to know Him personally.  From there it involves growing in our relationship with Him and serving Him and others.  The primary task in our Pursuit of Him involves sharing what we know of Him so that others might pursue Him along with us.  But what exactly does this race entail… Come find out at Summer Camp 2017 – Pursuit.  Hope to have you with us!


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