Gil & Carol Harder – From Africa

Gil & Carol ~ Africa Field Report ~ May 14, 2011

Greetings “Jambo” from Kenya! I knew she was good. I knew that I loved her. But I just haven’t appreciate just how lovely, passionate, and good my wife Carol really is until this mission!

On Thursday: In the Dandora slum we brought hope to the orphans and widows served so well by the Africa Hope ministries of Caroline Sarah. Together with Aggrey, Susan, and Thomas, Carol taught the “Wordless Book” with words and also brought comfort to our young friend Grace. Her husband Vincent was a gatekeeper in the house of the Lord at All Nations Church in Dandora when a Mongiki gang of robbers attacked the church and beat Vincent to death. Now Vincent’s young wife Grace is a widow and she and her 3 young children are part of our Africa Hope ministry to the widows and fatherless in Dandora. Please pray for Grace and her family of fatherless children as she now is part of the ministry of Caroline Sarah in Dandora Africa Hope Ministries.

On Friday: At the Gil Harder Academy in Kitengela, we delivered new posters, books, school supplies, and encouraged our teachers. When it came time for Chapel, Carol not only taught with the “Picture Story Board” but evangelized the 49 students of which 19 prayed to receive Christ as their personal Savior! Bwanna Asifeeway ~ PTL!

On Saturday, May 14, Today: With passion and impact, Carol conducted our “Teacher Training Conference” with our school teachers, staff, and board members. Carol has taught the bible for over 30 years and home~schooled all 4 of our children. I am blessed and our children are blessed by her teachings. The response was wonderful, and we pray for eternal fruit in the currency of the Kenyan lives and nation. I am blessed and proud of Carol. Thank God for this godly teacher and wife!

LIVING WATER! We have been praying for a water project with our Maasai friends in ministry here in Kenya. As the Lord would have it, we got the news directly from our missionary friend Carol Perkins and Bishop Richard Keturai at the outset of our “Teacher’s Conference” today. It was so awesome to hear that the “Children’s Church” now has water! After much prayer and opposition, the drilling began. Other wells in the region have hit bitter salty water. The scientific water geologist said “Stop” drilling when no water was found at 130 meters (390 feet). The financial concerns were also shouting “Stop.” However, the Well Digger said, “Go” and let us drill 150 Meters” because God is telling me to drill deeper. At 145 meters (435 feet) the drill hit a large river of water which gushed out at high pressure. Immediately the local village people ran to taste the water to taste and see if it was good. It is crystal clear, pure, sweet water!

THANK YOU for praying for living water to be found. This river of life is flowing now throughout the Rift Valley of Kenya from hidden springs in the rock. The “Childrens Church” was started by children and now has living water. The well is a gusher that will never run dry. God has provided springs in the desert!

Tomorrow is Sunday, May 15. We shall preach in Kitengela and then travel South to Emali to conduct a Pastor’s Conference with the Maasai Pastors on Monday. On Tuesday we travel farther South into the bush of the Rift Valley to the “Children’s Church” where the water of life is flowing to conduct a great evangelistic outreach to all the surrounding villages. Pray for a great turning to the Lord in this dry and barren land where no water has been. The people are hungry and thirsty here.

We are fine. Carol is amazing. God is so good. It is His nature! Thank you for sending “Africa Hope” to this place where there are now streams in the desert! Together, let us “Drill Deeper” into the Rock of our Salvation … until the streams of living water flow out of our inner as Jesus promised![

Your Partners In The Gospel,

Gil & Carol ~ Psalm 63


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