Dear Family and Friends,

It is 5pm in Saransk and Vova, my interpreter, and I are packing now for the night train to Moscow. Today Barbara and I attended New Life Church. I gave greetings to the church from Agoura Bible Fellowship and the many people from our church who have participated in team ministry here. Pastor Vladimir asked us and Ron and Mary Mariani (from Folsom…here with us) to come to the platform and he thanked us for our ministry and prayed for us. Barbara will remain here until Nov. 4th. We first came here in 1996. Pray for Barbara as she has many important meetings during her remaining time with ladies groups and individuals. Many don’t know the Lord at all.

This afternoon Vova and I attended the New Life Church youth meeting. There was a sweet spirit with the leadership of Anton, who came to Christ thru Ron and |Mary several years ago. There were 10 students at the meeting. This is a good beginning.

I leave Saransk very fulfilled and pleased with the contacts I made with so many people and leaders. The one regret is not seeing Maxim. Barbara and I did meet with Vera, his mother, right after the service today. She was in tears most of the time. She has only been to see Maxim in prison once and she waited 4 hours and had only 10 minutes with him. He looked ok and was thrilled to see her. He gets only 4 visits per year. He sleeps in a large room of 70 men. The guards were yelling at her much of the waiting time. Please continue to pray for him (and her)…for protection, spiritual zeal to continue, and hope.

Again, thank you for your faithful prayers.

In Moscow, Vova, Gennady, and I will meet with the Vice President of the Russian Baptist Union and the main Youth Coordinator. Then, in the evening, we fly to St. Petersburg.

Love to all,



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