Well it’s 6 pm Sunday night here and we’ve just returned from our 2nd trip out to visit the people in the Emali region of Kenya – south of Nairobi.  After traveling through the “land of the lions” (where men lost their lives when they were killed by lions while laying the railroad through that area) we first visited the Children’s Church – started by children under a tree and now has their own building (provided by generous supporters of Africa Health and Hope – my mom’s non-profit).  Pastor Emanuel is their leader and this church is in the town of Masimba in the “bush”.  We then visited Pastor Daniel’s church in Paranae and Pastor John 1’s church in Emali.  Both these men love the Lord very much and are doing great works with the Maasai in the bush of Kenya.  We spent time encouraging both bodies of believers there.  We then went to Pastor Jackson’s church in Maaongela.  It’s known as the Kimana Baby Church as it was started by the Kimana Church.  We spent the day with them visiting neighbor’s in the area and inviting them to the service.  After the service we gave treats and gifts to the children that showed up for the service.  We did visit the site of the Kimana Church where they are building a new building at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  The project there is progressing nicely.  On Saturday we visited Pastor John 3’s Church in Eselenkei.  They don’t have a building and meet under a tree.  This man travels 2 days by foot – one way – to Pastor this church.  He loves the Lord very much and the people love him.  Then today – before traveling back to Nairobi, we visited Pastor John 2’s church where we encouraged the believers there. 

In all of these churches I either preached or shared some encouragement from God’s Word based on time.  My mom had opportunity to encourage them as well.  At most of these churches they feed us some type of meal and give us gifts.  Their hospitality and love for the Lord is amazing.  They worship so passionately!  Also, at each of these churches we gave each of the Pastor’s one of the packets you helped me with and a foodbasket.  They appreciate both so much.  On Thursday we hed home so please pray for a safe trip.   It’s been a very good opportunity to serve here in Kenya.  The gospel has gone forth and believers have been encourged both spiritually and physically.  Thanks for being a part church family by sending me, supporting me and praying for me. 




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