Dear Missions Prayer Team,
Today’s report has more details of great events in Saransk, events that caused the host of heavenly angels to rejoice with loud Hosannas. Let us join the chorus with them today. Also a travel update.
From Jim regarding Saransk,

Dear Family and Friends,
While in Saransk, Valentine repented with me. He is the father of Sveta, the invalid. I had never met him before but he was very ready to believe and receive Christ (John 1:12). During one of our past teams in Saransk, Sveta and her niece, Olga, also repented. Please pray for Valentine. Also, pray for Yarden and Anya whom I shared the gospel at New Life Church. They are husband and wife. Anya and their teenage girls have recently started attending the church. Dustin gave the gospel to a sports teacher at the school we attended. His name is Dima. Please pray for his salvation. I have witnessed him many times before. Your prayers are helping us!!!

And regarding travel,

We all arrived in Prague safely. PTL! However, my luggage is somewhere between Moscow, Vienna, and Prague. Please pray that it is found and sent to me in Prague. Today we will visit a refugee camp where many of our summer camp friends live. Some of them we led to Christ on prior trips. Then, we will have a summer camp planning session.

Please don’t give up praying. We are depending on you.
I am feeling pretty good physically on this trip and very pleased with the Lord’s guidance for the summer missions outreach events!

Much love,
Jim and the team
A devotional thought that I want to share from last Wednesday’s Encounter with God. The Text was Mark 12:35-40. The quote: What is it that truly

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motivates us in each sphere of our living, whether public or private, religious or social, leisure or work? In each area, we are challenged to check whether we show love for God and love for our neighbor, or whether any or all of our actions indicate only love for our selfish selves! Pray that all of us drive our lives with the 2 greatest commandments!



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