Dear Prayer Partner,


God is great!  He is mighty to save!  In our chapter, in the last 12 months, 6,796 children were reached with the Gospel and 1,405 children made professions of faith in Jesus Christ!  To God be the glory!


As we started up in January, I was busy training new volunteers to open up more clubs.  Forty-one attended Administrative Worker or Bible Teacher training classes.  It is so inspiring to see people respond to the call of God on their lives to reach the children with the Gospel!


One new club opened up in Madera two weeks ago.  Please welcome ETAA Charter School in MUSD!   The club is off to a great start!  There are now six clubs in our school district!  Other schools are waiting for a club, if we just had the workers. Please pray for more people to respond to the call of God on their lives to share the Good News through CEF.


Our clubs have now completed four lessons in the second semester of the school year.  We are teaching the series called “God’s Church Expands: The Ministry of Paul.”  The children are being “Mighty Missionaries” and inviting their friends to club.  My club had its largest attendance yesterday! Please pray for the children to continue to invite their friends so that they can respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ and be saved!


Besides teacher training, I supervise 23 clubs in six school districts so I am now out in the field getting to know the workers in the different schools this semester.  It is a pleasure to see God at work in the clubs!


Next week I will lead the curriculum review for our volunteers for our next series “God’s Sovereignty: The Life of Joseph.”  All of my years in education are really being put to use.  Feeling a little bit like Joseph, it’s great!


Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers!


With much gratitude,



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