MAY 1, 2011 ~ Kenya ~ Uganda Mission Prayer Requests ~ Gil & Carol

“MAY DAY” is an internationally recognized distress signal. It is also recognized in Heaven as PRAYER which is always answered in Jesus Name according to God’s good will even better than we prayed ~ Ephesians 3:20.

Carol & I leave for Africa next week and are sending out these “MAY DAY” prayer requests. The Rift Valley in Kenya is dying of thirst

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due to drought. Uganda is revolting against their despotic leaders. The world is at war. We just heard that Osama bin Laden was shot dead. But the truth is, war, disease, and famine do not increase the death toll. The mortality rate remains constant at 100%. Everybody dies. However, not everyone lives before or after they die. That is why Jesus came and why we are going with the GOOD NEWS of eternal life!

We have three “May Day” prayer requests for this mission to Kenya and Uganda.

#1 In Kenya, right now our missionary colleague and Greg Perkins mother, Carol Perkins and team, are trying to drill a water well at the new Amboseli Church where we hope to launch a new Africa Hope Bible Institute this Fall. The people are dying of thirst and literally eating the bark off the trees. Over 85% of the Maasai cattle have died in the Rift Valley region of these nomadic peoples. Now the well drilling is being held up for what reasons we do not know. PRAY FOR LIVING WATER to flow freely from the ground in Jesus Name. This is spiritual warfare. We need a “May Day Miracle.”

#2 In Kenya, Carol & I will be doing teacher training at two Christian Primary schools and also preparing to launch a new Africa Hope Bible Institute in the Rift Valley in the Fall at the newly planted Amboseli Church. This is where the water well is desperately needed right now. We also need wisdom in training Christian teachers to teach the “Three R’s” from a Christian viewpoint and make sure they are truely providing a solid Christian education.

#3 In Uganda we ask on behalf of our “Africa Hope Bible Institute” for wisdom in the midst of spiraling inflation and national unrest for safety and sustainability for our school. Because of the recent doubling of food prices in Uganda, our students and teachers are starving and short on supplies. We are bringing Bibles, Proclaimers (Talking Bush Bibles), and as much healing, hope, and help as our souls and suitcases can carry. Our “May Day” prayer request is for $1,800 to help our students and teachers complete this year of studies at AHBI. Carol & I are teaching a week of graduate studies in Lira, Uganda and delivering hope for the nations.

Thank You for sending “Africa Hope” in Jesus Name! The death toll may be constant, but Jesus has opened the life gate in order that whosoever will may come and drink freely of the water of life and live forever. Even a cup of water given in Jesus name makes a world of difference!

Your Partners In The Gospel Of Hope,

Gil & Carol Harder ~ Isaiah 55


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