Jim Liljegren

Dear Mission Friends,
Here is a report from Ilya Danilyuk our church planter friend in Naples. He oversees all Slavic church planting in Italy under Gennady’s ministry oversight.
God is really working as you will read and see (pictures attached). We hope to find a retreat center, camp, or hotel in the next 2 weeks so we can start to recruit a team for Italy next summer. Please pray about this need!
The Slavic Family Camp in Italy, like the one in Czech Republic, will be an evangelistic outreach for 9 church plants in Italy. There are 9 cities in Italy with either a church (4) or a small Bible study group (5). There are 1.5 million immigrated Russian speakers in Italy…”the harvest is rip unto harvest”…
Please pray for a facility and an American team…”but the workers are few…pray to the Lord of the harvest to provide workers” for 2013!
Much love and happy thanksgiving to all,

Greetings from Italy!

By grace of God we are blessed and can serve our King of Kings to enlarge His kingdom on the Earth. One month passed so fast and we had an opportunity to have Thanksgivings services in Naples and Rome, also Bible Study and God’s supper in Naples and Rome. Average attendance in Naples is 30 people and in Rome 20 people, but when it is special services we have in Naples about 50 people and in Rome 35 people. We praise His Name. Also we have group Bible studies, visiting sick people in the hospital, a lot of phone calls, also cancelling. We are also going to start classes for people that are getting baptized. We start membership process in Rome and Naples. We need your spiritual support and prayers and to also encourage people to be part of this ministry spiritually and financially. We pray to our LORD to thank you for your part in this ministry. God Bless You and your families.

Your Brother in Christ Ilya Danilyuk
Italy, November 19,2012.


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