Jim Liljegren

dear family and friends,

i am using a german computer loaned to me from an iranian camper…very different keyboard…

one muslin lady repented last night. she had been witnessed to by several people here at the camp and before camp. she lives in a refugee camp. slava bogu.

i have had great conversations with 3 out of the 5 church planters so far who are here and have brought some of their people. ron and mary mariani will stay for 2 more weeks working with these men in their areas. pray about that…street evangelism and visiting refugee camps.

everything is going well. wed and fri we have our normal schedule and thursday we will have an excursion to a local castle.

thank you for prayers. many are considering the truth of the gospel.

do not know how to use the caps of this computer.

love to all,


Praise the Lord, Praise His Holy Name, Praise the Lord



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