Dear Friends,

Here is the latest from Ramon and the Mission Team in Russia. Praise God for this great report! Thank you for your continued prayers!

Slava Bogu! (Praise the Lord!)



Hey brother,

We have been very busy but in the best of ways. The team has been so strong in loving the campers and the campers have received us so well. Everywhere I look I see love and respect. It is a wonderful time here, minus all the bugs. The bugs are everywhere and very vicious. We all feel sorrow knowing that the week must come to and end soon we having fun and the group has stepped up to make things run smoothly. The love and care this team has is very inspiring. I don’t think any of them have had a chance to take a break, how much the campers love to be with them.

Kelly is nonstop with all of the girls, they adore her. She has brought a strong additude of love and care that the all see.

Sammy has been connecting with the student through her calm nature

Zack is very popular as well. He just lives in the moment and many enjoy being around his positive attitude. He has a way to transcend the barrier of language. He has been doing well in his worship leading as well. Such a joy to have.

Collin is building strong relationships with the guys. He connects well with the students because he rolls with flow of the scene. Though he and I share the same bed and has been hitting me in his chaotic thrashing about in his sleep. Haha.

Rebecca has been the wild child, as in she has been connecting with the cats that roam the camp. Haha. She has been keeping an eye on us, the American team, with a caring heart and even helped me in a moment of weakness. She has made connections with the female students as well as impressed some with he physical capabilities. She is sensitive to the need of those who she has been coming across.

They all have brought elements that could not have be replaced I am proud to be apart of this team and I look forward to the next few days as well as seeing how Italy will fair with this group.



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