It would seem that after a short time in the US, getting back into things in Brazil wouldn’t be that difficult. Not that anything big happened.

There were the usual little crises that need to be dealt with after being gone for a few months. As soon as we got here, our church had its anniversary conference. Several days later, our pastors son got married, and we had certain obligations in that. Then there were several days of meetings with the mission leadership to deal with some urgent matters. And then I was the speaker at a youth conference this past weekend. So, now things should be a little slower – meaning that we can begin to deal with the routine things.


Yes, in general, things are going well. The other missionary couple in our base team will be beginning home ministry just before Christmas. A new, single missionary has come up here to Boa Vista to take their place, and is learning how we do things here. So, that will be a big change here.


College entrance exams are in October and November. One young Indian fellow that I am orienting should have a reasonable chance to pass for medicine. A few others are getting close. And recently Dr. Miqueias, who I oriented for

10 years, and is the first Indian to finish medical school here, brought some students by to meet me, so that I could begin to orient them also.


There was a (small scale) Indian church conference recently, in one of the jungle cities. Numerous Yanomami Indians went, and, because the conference was close to the edge of the Yanomami land, a good number of Yanomami from unreached villages also attended. Since they don’t speak Portuguese very well, they would up having separate meetings for just  the Yanomami Indians.

This gave a wonderful opportunity for some of the Yanomami church leaders to explain in depth the gospel to the non-Christian Yanomami. And several of these stated that they wanted one of the Yanomami leaders to come to their villages and tell them more. WOW!


Several years ago we began construction of a 4-unit apartment for missionaries in transit. The building is about half done. A variety of funds have come in over the years, and we have been able to do a lot with little money. At this point, and with the current exchange rate, an offering of something like a thousand dollars would could produce a big boost in the construction. I am not suggesting this amount to you. I use the amount to illustrate that at this time, a relatively small offering could go a long ways, because the second story has been started. All the reinforcing steel has already been prepared, and the first three feet of the brick for the walls have been laid. It won’t cost very much to start making the columns and finish the walls. Getting the walls up would be an impressive accomplishment.


Thank you for your prayers, your concern, and your support,




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