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Things have been super busy here recently – a lot of “imprevistos” – a good Portuguese word for all the things that pop up and take your time. Among other things, there have been several opportunities for Biblical Counseling – folks just showing up and needing to make changes.


Anyway, we are doing well. Beth was in the US for about a month just before Christmas. Our older daughter, Tori, is getting married in May, and she wanted Beth to come and help her do some shopping, like for a wedding dress. Tina spent some time with Beth and Tori.


At the moment, Beth is at the mission conference in Manaus. We had not planned to go, then at the last minute, someone else stayed here at the base, so we could go. But, I already had obligations, so just Beth went.


I haven’t heard anything as to what might be happening in the Yanomami area after that conference in which there were some marvelous opportunities to present the gospel to folks from closed areas. We will let you know as soon as we here anything.


We have a brand new Brazilian co-worker – new missionary, new to the base, new to the base work. He has a good heart, but some folks are pretty hard on him.Pray that he would adapt, and that the co-workers would give him a fair chance.


Classes will be starting shortly for a lot of students. A couple of Indian fellows are getting close to passing the entrance exam for medical school – they will need at least another year of study.


Thanks for your prayers, your support, and your concern.




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