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Dear Missionary Friends: World Missions News Report ~ Africa

Bwana asifiwe, Mungu awabariki! (Praise the Lord, God bless y’all ~ Swahilli). I am sending you this missionary world update as I prepare for my next mission to East Africa. Thank you for praying and sending Africa Hope.

On the home front we give God the glory for He is always good! It is His nature to bless, and He has. This year we are giving away our two daughters in marriage (Sarah in June & Angela in December), and wouldn’t you know it, the good Lord is now giving us two more sons! All that we have tried to keep for ourselves, we no longer have, but all we have surrendered to the Lord, we still have in more abundance!

I would like to give you some news, highlights, and missionary prayer requests from the other side of the world. But before I do, may I make an observation? There seems to be a lot of fear in America from the steady flow of “Bad News” from the American press. This diet of bad news not only generates fear but fatalism even among Christians. When the only world news we hear is about ebola, Islam, wars, terrorism, plane crashes, scandals, hunger, poverty, and disasters, of course we tend to shrink back in fear instead of rising up in faith. Remember how the Lord warned us through the Prophet Isaiah “… Do not fear what they fear” Isaiah 8:12.

May I encourage you with some GOOD NEWS about America & Africa? GOD’S NOT DEAD! Have you seen this movie yet? Buy it and watch it with all your family and friends. Kirk Cameron’s new movie: MONUMENTAL is also full of real encouragement about America from the past. Also check out Dinesh D’souza’s new movie: AMERICA. American Historian David Barton, produced the 10 video series entitled: AMERICAN HERITAGE which documents American History and our spiritual heritage. Every American should see this! David Barton reports that right now in Washington D.C. the “Prayer Room” in the U.S. Capitol building has been expanded and is often packed out with U.S. Senators and Representatives praying before voting on national issues. Isn’t that encouraging?! God has planted His people everywhere! There are many more than “7,000 who have not bowed the knee to Baal” ~ Romans 11:1-5

Our news is full of stories of Muslims beheading Christians and the advance of Islam. It is true, there is more persecution of Christians today than ever, and I have witnessed this personally in Russia, Romania, and now Africa. But have you heard about the thousands of Muslims converting to Christ? The Muslim Imams (Priests) are so worried about this movement they don’t know what to do. Every day somewhere on the “Dark Continent” of Africa more than 19,000 Africans become followers of Jesus! Reference the U.S. Center for World Missions, Christian Encyclopedia by David Barrett, Operation World by Patrick Johnstone, Campus Crusade for Christ ~ CRU, Frontiers Mission Publications, and many more. There are over 100 movements (A movement defined as at least 1,000 new believing, baptized Christians from the past year who are propagating their faith beyond their own borders) toward Christ among Muslim groups today. Twenty-five years ago there was none. We are in the middle of one in East Africa. 23,000 Chinese are turning to Jesus every day according mission reports. These are just the movements towards Christ which have been reported. There are so many more Christian movements among the nations which are unreported here, but recorded in Heaven. You do the math. Christianity is the largest and fastest growing faith in world history. And guess what? We have never lost a member due to death!

God is Sovereign. Psalm 22:28; 103:19 God is Love. I John 4:8 God is not willing that anyone should perish. II Peter 3:9 This sovereign and loving God is the “Ground Zero” of our existence and hope. Jesus has won, is winning, and will win eternally ~ Amen!?!

For the best GOOD NEWS ever published (and this is our business: Psalm 68:11 “The Lord gave the Word, and great was the company of those who proclaimed it.”) READ YOUR BIBLE: Genesis 1, 12:1-3; Joshua; Psalm 22, 23, 24; Isaiah 40; John 3:16; Romans 8; II Corinthians 2:14; Revelation. ARE YOU ENCOURAGED YET?

OK ~ Sermon’s over. I want to encourage you with these personal missionary world news reports from Africa. I have organized them into four geographic areas in East Africa. I will let our African brothers and sisters tell their story with their own words, through letters, and emails.

Africa has always been known as the “Dark Continent” filled with wars, rebels, and refugees. Jesus himself was a refugee in Africa (Egypt), and is known as the “Son of Africa.” There have always been great needs in Africa, but what I really want you to see is the Courage of African men & women of faith who are standing strong in Christ. They are not fighting or fleeing. They are not fearing. They are staying and praying and serving the Lord with gladness right where He has planted them. Let us stand together! Rise up oh men and women of God. Lift up your eyes. Be Encouraged! Our redemption draws near ~ Luke 21. Listen to these voices from Africa:

NORTH COAST KENYA ~ Africa Hope Christian Center Church & School ~ 85 Students
James & Choice Mahine, Children: Karen, Lois ~ Africa Hope Ministries ~ Tana River

July 2014 Email from James & Choice: Bwana asifiwe! (Praise the Lord) Receive much greetings from our Africa Hope Center family in Jesus Name. We are well in the presence of the Lord. The Lord has been good to us and His mighty hand have been upon us day and night. We have abundant peace of heart and mind becouse the Lord is on control of eveything that is happening. I would like first to say ‘Thanks for you Mama Carol and Pst Gil and entire Family of Africa Hope ministries for your prayers for us which have been of great help in our lives and ministry. We appreciate everything that your are doing towards us and since your last visit, the center has been a blessing to many coming to seek Hope. We are seing progress day by day. Sometimes its hard to express ourselves to you how we feel towards you but only God knows our hearts. We do love you in the Lord. We also say thanks alot for the motorcycle and water tank and especially the bibles, proclaimers, and teachings. These has made our lives blessed and ministry reach farther. Thank you from our hearts. James & Choice, Africa Hope Center

August 2014 Email from James & Choice: Bwana asifiwe. We hope you are fine with family. Thank you for prayers and faith. Pray for us. Things are not good in the Coast. Life has become difficult. Christians are being killed. Innocent boys losting there life its sad. Despite the situation we are at the Africa Hope Center. PRAY FOR US 1) Protection to teachers and children. 2) Provision of food for children. 3) Safety for village, due to insecurity people are leaving with fear. 4) Please pastor help us give salary to two teachers becouse my (Choice) small busines that help us to pay them has gone down. 5) Pray for the Body of Christ in the Coast passing under persecution. Be blessed, Say hi to Mum.

September 2014 Email from James & Choice: Bwana yesu asifiwe!! God is good to us here at our centre. We opened school again this september by faith. The children came. We all have hope in Jesus. How is your family and ministry? We hope to build a fence for safety of our children and families, also walls for our classroom. Pst. Gil you asked for cost of fence an walls blocks. Fencing Quatation: 200+ posts – 80000ksh, chainlink – 105000ksh wire 17500ksh, nails 3000ksh, cement – 16000ksh, sand 1lorry +ballast – 28500, skilled labour – 85000ksh, gate 10000ksh, Fencing Total – 345000ksh = $4,058USD @85Ksh/$1. Cost for classroom wall blocks 33000 ksh, cement – 8500ksh, sand – 4000ksh Walls Total – 45500ksh, = USD $535. Thank you for your prayers and good help. Be blessed. We love you in the Lord and long to see you soon. Our prayer – Psalm 3:1-8

James & Choice and their family remain steadfast, immovable, abounding in faith, hope, and love for 85 school children, the villages of Tana River, the Africa Hope Churches, and the Somali refugees pouring into North Kenya Coast. Yes, they have suffered and may suffer more from rebels with evil intent. But they are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. Let us stand with them in victory. Thank you for praying! Lordwilling I will see them in October at their Africa Hope Center.

CENTRAL KENYA RIFT VALLEY ~ Gil Harder Academies ~ Thomas & Mary Momanyi

Thomas & Mary Momanyi are the founders and directors of the Jesus Ambassadors Christian Center Church and three Gil Harder Academies in Nairobi & Kitengela Kenya. They have three lovely daughters, Mercy (14) Grace (12) & Joy (8). They are providing hope and Christian education for over 400 children and students who would have no chance for education or hope otherwise.

March 2014 Email from Pst. Thomas & Mary Momani: Dear Pastor Gil, We, the GIL HARDER ACADEMY and CHRISTIAN FAMILY CHURCH, take this opportunity to give thanks to our LORD, JESUS CHRIST for touching the students of CROSSROAD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL in USA and moved their TENDER HEARTS to sacrifice their pocket money to support the vulnerable kids in this remote part of Kenya. Their contribution of USDollars 1000 has given a lifeline to children who have been selected from the Kimalat Village, who could not joining school for lack of school fees, uniforms and stationery.

The GIL HARDER ACADEMIES, have formally invited teachers from CROSSROAD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL to visit our schools next year. The pupils of GIL HARDER ACADEMY have started contributing towards the accommodation of the CROSSROAD Christian School Teachers and pupils. What a step of faith. GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN OUR EFFORTS. JUST IMAGINE:
You have given HOPE to the HOPELESS! GOD BLESS YOU.

Your Partners in the LORDS’ SERVICE. Pst. Thomas & Mary Momanyi

August 2014 Email from Pastor Tom & Mary Momanyi: Dear Pastor Gil, Praise be to our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. Welcome to Kenya at the appointed time as always.

Sorry to inform you that your friend “GRACE,” our second born daughter went to be with the LORD on Sunday 24th August 2014, after a meningitis attack which took her home to heaven in two days. Burial takes place tomorrow Saturday 30th August 2014. Pray with us.
Yours Partners in Ministry
Pst. Tom & Mary

Please pray for comfort and consolation with Tom & Mary, Mercy & Joy. We are planning for a “Jesus Camp” on our “Teach & Reach” mission outreach with them and the students for next July 2014. Lordwilling I shall see them shortly in Kenya on this October mission. They sent this encouraging email just last week:

September 2014 Email from Pastor Tom & Mary Momanyi: Dear Pastor Gil, Praise be to our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST. We thank HIM for all that we meet in life whether we approve or not. He has the final say in LOVE. For GOD so LOVED our GRACE that he called her earlier to be with Him. He is our protector and provider at all times. How we LOVE JESUS, who died on the Cross for our sins.

We appreciate your support in prayers and words of encouragement. Welcome to Kenya for GOD’s mission once again. In the month of October we have the following events planned for the School and Church:

1. Graduation ceremony for students passing exams and moving up to new classes.
2. Prayer day with students who are in class eight sitting for their final exams in November.
3. Baptism in Church – 12 new believers are now being prepared for baptism.
4. Five days of Pastor’s Bible Conference teachings to take place in our church to improve their out reach throughout Rift Valley churches. Can you join us to teach?

How lovely and eventful could it be if your schedule of visiting is matched with the planned events. We kindly request you to give us your schedule so that we can tailor our events accordingly. We remain determined soldiers in the Kingdom.

Pst. Thomas and Mary
Please pass our regards to Carol, Randy, Sarah, Rod, and all of our family in America.

Dandora, Nairobi, Kitengela, Kenya ~ Africa Hope Orphan Ministries
Caroline Sarah Agwoma ~ Continues her ministries with the Orphans & Widows in Dandora and building the Africa Hope House in Kitengela. She is also making peanut butter for sale to help fund her Africa Hope projects.

July 2014 Email: Praise God, hope you received the pictures and email. the children and widows of Dandora pass greetings with thanks. please continue praying for africa hope kenya. pass my regards to everyone in jesus name. love to all, Caroline Sarah

August 2014 Email: Greetings in jesus name, i received the 16000ksh from aggrey, and am so thankful i combined it with the saving from the peanut butter sales. Caroline Sarah

September 2014 Email from Aggrey regarding Carolines’ ministry: Caroline has dug the foundation and now is using stones and gravel to begin building. She want to erect a perimeter wall to ward off theives who come on the site to steal her building materials. She normally hires a watchman to look after the materials, but it doesn’t always work because sometimes the raiding gang is a man too many for the poor watchman. Sometimes it’s the watchman himself selling the materials. Please continue to pray for Caroline Sarah and the Africa Hope House project. The project is complicated, and we need real wisdom from Heaven to discover the way forward which is best. Aggrey

Princess Susan Nyambura: Our dear African orphan daughter is now attending college in Nairobi and her living environment has greatly improved since she moved out of the Dandora slum by the grace of God! Susan continues to have an effective ministry not only with children and worship music, but also on the internet with world~wide evangelism and encouragements by email and Facebook! Here are some of Susan’s Posts: It’s because He lives I can face my tomorrow. It is because I know who hold my future that I have the confidence to face any challenges that might come my way. ~ I am so in love with my new church, my new house, my neighborhood, and the fact that God is involved in all this – I am feeling blessed! ~ God is faithful. He always provides a way of escape. When we are tempted. Our job is not to bear up under the weight of temptation, but rather, to look for the escape route God has already provided. 1 Cor. 10:13 ~ God created mornings so that we can say how great the previous day has been and how wonderful the next 24 hours will be! ~ Princess Susan is singing in her heart …Ooooh Lord your love is new now and every morning, your faithfulness gets me through the night … Bwana asifiwe! (Praise the Lord!)

SOUTHERN KENYA & TANZANIA ~ Rift Valley ~ Africa Hope Bible Institutes
Aggrey Juma is our Africa Hope Bible Institutes director overseeing the Africa Hope Bible Institutes in East Africa. Aggrey & Linet Juma just gave birth to a beautiful new daughter Rachel!

August 2014 Email from Aggrey Juma: Dear Pastor Gil, Calvary greetings to you and your family. Linet and I are fine in the Lord. The Africa Hope Bible Institutes are progressing well and on schedule. The Lord has added 3 more Pastors to our school in Loitokitok. We now have 15 students. I thank God for His favor upon us in this region. We are now studying the Prophetic books of the Major Prophets. We bless the Lord for this insightful study and fellowship. The students are on a preaching exchange program where each student goes to another student’s church to minister on an appointed Sunday. The other students run the whole service in different capacities but they also help evaluate the preaching student homiletically. On another appointed Sunday another student ministers in another student’s church and the whole progress is repeated.

The Nairobi school is also on schedule. We have been very consistent on following the module timetable and we hope to beat the April 2015 target for graduation. We are studying Hamartiology. I will be in Nairobi for school next month. We hope to open the Maasai Africa Hope Bible Institute in Simba next month.. Otherwise the school schedule hasn’t changed and is on schedule. Thanks for your prayers.

September 2014 Email from Aggrey Juma: Dear Pastor Gil, Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus. I hope you are fine by the grace of God. Please know that I received the US funds that you sent. I passed the US$ 300 over for the launch of our new Africa Hope Bible Institute in Simba.
We have been privileged to have school in Simba beginning on Monday, September 8th. We held the school launch on the 7th at the Simba church. The whole village attended. Thank you so much for the US$ 300. Simba lies along Mombasa road just after Emali on the way South to Mombasa.

Concerning the Ngorongoro Tanzania mission I have discussed with Pastor John and we settled on November 2014 as the best time to take students. We need to work on the travel logistics together. I will write you more after meeting with the prospective students. Until then, Shalom. The Church, Bishops, Pastors, and Students all send their regards. With gratitude, Aggrey

Africa Hope Director Aggrey Juma Email regarding Africa Hope Center ~ September 2014:

Dear Brother Gil: Let us pray in earnest for James & Choice on the Kenyan North Coast. Tana River region has been under intensive attacks from Al-shabaab terrorists . The Lamu and Tana river areas have been seriously affected. The Mpeketoni and Witu towns of Lamu have been devastated by gun attacks. 100 plus people have been killed and others abducted and their where abouts is not known. The Gamba Police station that is close by the Africa Hope Center of James and Choice’s place was recently attacked by gunmen believed to be al-shabaab terrorists. They killed all the policemen in the station and shot 5 people who were held in the police cells awaiting to be taken to the courts. The Tana river and Lamu are very volatile and dangerous places now. People are moving out en masse. Please let’s pray for Lamu and Tana river. Let us pray for the saints in these places along with James & Choice and the Africa Hope Center. PRAISE ADONAI! I look forward to hearing from you soon. YourFellow bondservant in hope, Aggrey.

UGANDA ~ SUDAN NORTH AFRICA ~ Bishop Okello, Bishop Ogwal, Rev. Samuel Angweri, Pastor Apollos & Jackie Nyangkori, Pastor Moses, Amos, Bishop Paul, and the graduates of Africa Hope Bible Institute continue to take the Gospel to North Africa. Please pray for these evangelists, missionaries, and pastors.

We have shared seven years of fellowship and ministry together. We give thanks to God for the evangelistic outreaches, bible conferences, Jesus Films, and the many students trained through Africa Hope Bible Institutes, and ministries which have begun as a result of our partnership together. We know that our God is faithful who called us, who also will complete that good work which He has begun in each heart.

Africa Hope Graduates have gone out teaching in schools, planting new churches, and serving the Lord with gladness throughout Uganda, South to the Congo, and North into Sudan as well. For this we are grateful to God. We are also thankful to each and every Africa Hope board member, teacher, and staff member for your friendship, and service together in the Lord. We are especially grateful to Bishop Tom Okello and Rev. Martin Ogwal for their vision and service to the Lord. Thank you so much for providing the facilities and leadership for Africa Hope. Now that the foundation has been laid in the hearts and lives of our students, may the Lord increase the harvest of righteousness and fruit through their willing service. Please remember to pray for these Africa Hope Graduates to multiply and train others according the scriptures ~ II Timothy 2:2.


Gil & Carol ~ Romans 15:13


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