We want to thank you for the support that you send in regularly to Crossworld.  What a blessing to see God’s provision each month.

I was blessed to be able to visit our Asia staff in February for their conference.  Since Dale was unable to attend, I asked one of the women who I have been working with to come with me and help watch some of the kids.  She jumped at the chance and I was thrilled to see her eyes for the world open, her heart for missions begin to beat.  She was truly amazed talking with our workers, hearing their stories and hearing their struggles.  She was surprised that they struggle with some of the same things that she struggles

with- she could relate with them and ministered to them in a great way.

We just returned for a weeklong mission’s conference at a church in PA.

Those types of conferences are not very common anymore where there is something each night of the week!  God used Dale mightily in that church as he spoke and God began to do a great work in the lives of the hearers.  Some got up and shared what they were going to do about the messages that they had heard, and many more shared with us personally after the last service.

Then the next day, someone e-mailed and told us that he had decided that he was going to engage in a conversation with an immigrant.  That very morning while he was at the pharmacy he began to not just see with his eyes, but with his heart so he began a conversation with a man from the Middle East who eyes lit up when someone engaged him in conversation!

It was not all positive though, we were saddened when talking with a woman on another church’s missions committee.  She was so excited to tell us that their church had raised $40,000 to help refugees “over there, not over here!

God knows that we don’t need more immigrants here!” Wow, how do you respond to a 70+ year old woman who just does not understand the opportunity that we have right now to invest in the world that is right here on our doorstep!

There is still much to do.

Thank you for investing in us.  We leave on Saturday for another mission’s conference.  We have quite a bit of travels over the next few weeks.  We would appreciate your prayers.

May God show you how to continue to reach out to those in your neighborhood with the message of the gospel.

Dale and Jerusha


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