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Dear Grace Community family,

We want to thank you for partnering with us in the great commission.  As I read a letter from one of our folks in Africa who shared the JESUS film with a Massai tribe last month, they described the applause that broke out every time Jesus healed a blind man, or raised a dead girl, cries of disbelief that went up as they saw the cruelty of the crucifixion and how the tone changed and there were loud cheers and clapping when Jesus resurrected, I couldn’t help but thank God that you had a part with us in that gospel presentation.  Of the 200 or so children and adults that saw the film, 30 children and at least one adult put their faith in God.  What an encouragement to see God move.  Even though we might live on the other side of the world from some of the stories that we hear about take place, through your prayers and love and financial support, you too play a huge part in God working.  Thank you so much.

We have been struggling with a virus these past couple of weeks but finally feel like we are getting over it completely.  This week is our joint Christmas party with the organization that we share the property with and then we will have a smaller one with just our own staff at our house on Friday.  There will be around 40 people but it is always so much fun.  Next week is our church’s Christmas program where we are focusing on highlighting the talents, stories and of some of the art from the homeless folks that we are working with.  We are excited about the opportunity this brings to share the love of Christ.

We are looking forward to having all of our kids home along with their spouses for a couple of days over the Christmas season.  Our youngest daughter, Hannah, just got engaged over Thanksgiving so our last one will be getting married next summer.

Thank you again for your love and partnership with us.  “Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely; may your spirit, soul and body be preserved complete, without blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ”. I Thess. 5:23

Serving with you,


Dale and Jerusha


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