As you can see, we’ve been busy! We’re catching geckos, feeding elephants, and trying to stay cool!

We are doing well! Our family has settled into our home in Thailand and have spent the last couple of weeks in the “warm-up” phase of learning the Thai language. We have been able to go a couple of zoos, to the top of a mountain, inside the temple which is at the top of the mountain, go to our local outdoor markets, get our drivers licenses for car & motorbike, and the list goes on and on…

A few items for prayer:
~We are asking the Lord for some friends for Boston 🙂 There doesn’t seem to be many kids around his age nearby, or they are all at school or something. We have looked into a school/day care for him that is super close to us. The term starts up again in June (right now is Summer break) so we have month or so to decide. We will have to pay for the whole term up front if we decide to enroll him there. Please pray for wisdom in this decision and for financial provisions if that is the right decision for Boston.

~We begin into real language learning this next week! We will be in “stage 1” with Jared spending 40 hrs and Jess spending 20 hrs per week in various activities. Please pray for our family as we adjust to this new schedule! We are excited and yet can easily get overwhelmed at all that needs to be done. Pray that we would rest in the Lord and look to Him for strength.

~We have noticed that since being here we have allowed our circumstances to affect our attitudes therefore have been impatient, grumpy, and irritable with each other and the kids. Please pray with us about our attitudes, that we would walk in the Spirit so that the fruit of the Spirit would be evident in our lives. Like anyone else, we need to look to the Lord daily to be transforming us and renewing our minds, Romans 12:1 (which includes our thinking and attitudes which produces our actions!)

Thank you for being part of our ministry here and standing with us in prayer. We can’t thank you enough!

~Jared & Jessica Young
(Boston & Jackson)


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