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The number one rule to writing or public speaking is not to apologize to set the tone for what you are going to say. With that said: I’m sorry we have not updated our blog in a while. Life here has been a little hectic and frankly, I have had a bit of writers block because I don’t want to bore you with the mundane aspects of life here (well aspects seem mundane to me).

So this post is just an update on what has gone on in our lives in the past few weeks. We are knee deep in language study. This week I started to tackle the intricacies of the Thai kinship system. It can be utterly confusing at times and the amount of new terms is astounding because terms change depending if the relative is on your mother’s side or father’s side and age plays a huge factor whether they are older or younger than you, your parents or your parents siblings. I had fun though talking with my language helper about my family (miss you guys) and what we call people in our kinship system back home.

Besides the language I have had some time to get to know one of our neighbors. He is from the UK and his wife is from Bangkok. Jessica teaches her and another neighbor English once a week. It has been refreshing getting into relationships/friendships here and start connecting with the people that live around us. God has strategically placed us here to be friends to those who live around us.

As a family we are doing good. There are those moments where life drastically differs from what we post on Facebook or Instagram (meaning the arguments, or bad attitudes or sour moods), but overall God is growing and stretching our family. For me in particular I have been taught a lot about how to be a father and husband while relying on God and His holy Word. At times, it is difficult here in Thailand to be away from family and friends back home. But I think of portions of Scripture and how God has not called me to be comfortable or stay stagnant in my faith. God is using this time in Thailand to grow us in Him. Especially in the area of faith.
We rely on God to provide finances through people back in the states so we can pay our bills and put food on the table. We are not relying on people but on God who moves people to support us. We have faith that God brought us here to serve people and to be a spiritual light in a considerably spiritually dark area of the globe. I have faith God is conforming me into an image that is worthy of bearing. An image that reflects the Father’s Son, Jesus Christ. I’m not saying I’m perfect and I definitely have my pitfalls and temptations where sin entices me to stray, but if I stray I am quicker to repent and when the temptation to sin is creeping closer and closer, I am more reluctant to give in. It feels victorious if I act as Jacob did with Potiphar’s wife and just flee.
We have battled sickness, spiritual oppression, doubts, fears, anger, and frustrations since moving here three months ago. But God is still good. He is still faithful to comfort us in the time of despair and doubt. God is still able to love us in our transgressions. He is still able to have compassion on us in our situation. We know this because we believe His Word (the Bible) to be true.


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