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7/19/13 – Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday was our last day in Pskov and it rained most of the day. We had a great team debrief and managed to have a “tarp” gathering at the courtyard for about 45 min…literally under a large tarp with about 60 kids, youth and adults.

It was close fellowship as it rained really hard. We sang songs, had a short review of the week’s theme – the 4 laws…and gave many hugs saying goodbye to the kids and youth we had the opportunity to impact. Now we will have a celebration brunch and leave for St. Petersburg by 11am to catch a flight to Munich and on to Florence, Italy. Other team members fly various places and and some fly home.**

Thank you for your prayers this week. We now have in place a much better follow up plan in place with 2 men who will be responsible for the courtyard ministry.

Please for for safe flights to Italy and for the others who fly today and tomorrow.

The English Camp in Italy starts on Sunday afternoon. Please pray that many Russian speaking people will attend.

Again, we really appreciate your prayer support.

Blessings and love to all,

Jim for the team

**Travel Details

Please Pray for traveling mercies on Sat... To the St. Petersburg airport and

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all the flights on Sat and Sunday home as well as Dennis, Jake, Seth and Jim flying to Florence, Italy and Cathy and Cody to Finland on Saturday. Sue, Carolee, and Courtney are en route to Italy as well.



7/17/13 – Dear Family and Friends,
We are now finishing up our 3rd ministry day here in Pskov. At least 8 people have responded to the Gospel: 4 younger girls, two 12 year old girls, and 2 younger boys. All are being followed up by the team. (Praise the Lord!) We have had two afternoon down pours of about 30 minutes each the last two days but we just adjusted by putting the ground tarp over our heads. The children and youth were fine under tarp. Close fellowship…The team is working extremely hard and really loves the children and youth. The adults are much harder to reach!

We have two more days. PLEASE continue to pray for softer hearts as the Gospel seed is sown!

We saw some land today which might be where the new House of Prayer will be built! Pray for wisdom!

Thank you for your continued prayer support! We are excited but a bit tired!

Love to all,
Jim for the team



7/15/13 – Dear praying friends,

I was blessed to get a call from Dennis this morning. He wanted to thank all of you for your prayers. He felt his sermon went well, even with having to stop and wait for the translator. He has been asked to preach at an outdoor meeting on Thursday night. Now he is finding time to pray and write a new sermon. The days are very long there with ministry starting in the morning and lasting until late at night. Dennis and Pastor Jim are staying at the home of the Alexander, the church planter. Dennis is dealing with is some sort of red rash on his leg. He is not sure where it came from. Another issue for prayer is with the translators. The team had to recruit two new translators and they are not believers. Please pray that these young people will be transformed by the Living Word of God. Dennis has been able to reconnect with people in Pskov that he has met before. He appreciates each one of you and treasures your prayers.

Julie Braga



7/14/13 – Dear Missions Prayer Team,

The following just in from Jim:

Dear Family and Friends,

We have all arrived in Pskov, Russia and are doing well. This morning, we will attend the Pskov Baptist Church and present the team and pray for the ministry. Dennis will preach. In the afternoon, we will have an organizational meeting and meet the interpreters. Our ministry will begin tomorrow and conclude on Friday. We will do children’s ministry, sport activities, painting playground equipment and evening concerts. Please pray for divine appointments and ask God to help us develop relationships, so we can share the Gospel. Thank you for your prayers.

Love to all.

Jim & the team


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