The Purpose of Christmas
God is Sovereign, Part 2
Gideon’s International
Mighty Men Movement – Click HERE for more information…  Saturday, May 5, 2018 Savemart Center – Fresno
My Place in God’s Plan
Marked for Distinction & Destiny
God is Merciful
God is Gracious, Part 3
God is Gracious, Part 2
Memorizing the Gospel
The Resurrection of Jesus – Check it Out
God Is Incomprehensible
Why Is It Important to Get to Know God?, Part 2
Why Is It Important to Get to Know God?
Missionary to Eastern Europe
Restoring the Awe of God in Our Lives
Our View of God through the Lenses of Prayer
The Story that Should Not End
Will You be Satisfied When You Reach Your Destination?
The Sanctity of All Human Life
Where Do You Go for Refuge?
The Timing of the Soon Return of the Bridegroom