God sent the angel Gabriel to visit a young woman named Mary.  Gabriel had great news!  Mary was going to […]
The Bible tells us the earth is only about 6,000 years old, not millions of years! Key Passages: Genesis 5:5, […]
Solomon disobeyed God’s commands and let his many wives turn him to idolatry. As punishment, God said that his kingdom […]
The Israelites lived in the promised land for many years.  But a bad king from another land began ruling over […]
Jonah was a prophet of God.  God told Jonah to go tell the big city of Nineveh to stop doing […]
Students will hear from the book of Job about Behemoth and how its description sounds very much like a dinosaur. […]
God told Joshua to march the army around Jericho for seven days.  Joshua obeyed God and the walls of Jericho […]
True wisdom comes only from God. God gave Solomon wisdom, and Solomon wrote many proverbs, which are wise sayings to […]
Darius became king of Babylon.  Daniel was his chief helper.  But the king’s other helpers did not like Daniel.  They […]
The Bible tells us that God created Adam and Eve. God created Adam from the dust and Eve from Adam’s […]
David helped his son Solomon by giving him plans and gathering materials for the temple. Solomon completed the temple building […]
After Moses died, Joshua became leader of the Israelites.  God led them into the promised land, but there was a […]
Join us in room 10 (Preschool class) at 11am to practice our Christmas songs.  We will sing in the service […]
This lesson will review the previous 9 lessons which included: God’s Word is our Foundation, the Attributes of God, how […]
Elisha often traveled to the town of Shunem.  He became friends with a nice couple who built a room in […]
Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh and tell him to let the Israelites go free.  Pharaoh says no and makes […]
King David brought the ark of God to Jerusalem and wanted to build a temple for the Lord. God sent […]
The gospel of Jesus Christ, salvation from sin, is the central theme of the entire Bible. Salvation can only come […]
Elisha helped many people.  One day he met a woman who was upset because she owed someone money.  Elisha told […]
When Moses was a man, he left Pharaoh’s palace.  Moses tried to protect the Israelites, so Pharaoh tried to kill […]
David went from living in exile with the Philistines to being king over Judah. He waited for God’s timing to […]
A man named Elisha was plowing a field.  God chose him to be Elijah’s helper.  Together they told many people […]
The Bible is the only inspired revelation from God.  It is infallible. It must be the absolute and final authority. […]
Many years after Joseph had died.  There was a new Pharaoh in Egypt, and he didn’t like the Israelites.  He […]
This lesson will review the previous 9 lessons which included: The Judges: Gideon and Samson.  The life of Ruth.  Samuel […]
Ahab was king of Israel.  He didn’t worship the one true God, but he prayed to an idol called Baal.  […]
All of God’s Word is true. It is complete and will never change.  We know the New Testament is God’s […]
Joseph helps prepare Egypt for seven years with no food.  Joseph’s family also has no food, so they come to […]
Saul’s jealousy led him to hunt David and attempt to destroy him, but God protected David and his men. David […]
God told Elijah to go to a nearby town.  He found a widow who would take care of him.  The […]
Joseph is taken to Egypt and eventually thrown in jail.  Joseph helps other prisoners who have strange dreams.  Later, Pharaoh […]
God has protected his Word for thousands of years. It will endure forever through all generations. Key Passages: Jeremiah 36:22–23, […]
David and Jonathan (King Saul’s son) became close friends. God gave David success in everything he did, which made Saul […]
After King Solomon, there were many kings of Israel.  One king was named Ahab.  He did not love God.  God […]
Joseph was one of Jacob’s twelve sons.  Jacob loved him more than his other sons, so he gave him a […]
God’s Word is always true. We can trust it to guide us because God is unchangeable and cannot lie. Key […]
Goliath, the Philistine champion, challenged Saul’s entire army, causing great fear. But David wasn’t afraid. His faith in Israel’s mighty […]
The Bible teaches that there is only one God with three Persons—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each […]
King Solomon was David’s son and he also loved God.  God spoke to him in a dream.  King Solomon asked […]
While living with his uncle Laban, Jacob got married and had many sons.  He became a shepherd.  One day, God […]
God sent Samuel to Jesse’s family to anoint the next king of Israel. Samuel looked at the outward appearance of […]
A Psalm written by David about how God loves and takes care of His children.  Find this story in the […]
We can know that God exists because he is the only eternal being, existing before the creation of the world. […]
Israel rejected God as king and instead asked Samuel for a human king. God chose Saul to be Israel’s first […]
God’s greatness is infinitely vast and unsearchable! Everything in heaven and on earth belongs to him. He is great! We […]
God called Samuel as a young man and gave him a message of judgment on Eli’s family and the nation […]
King Saul chased David but didn’t catch him because God was watching over him.  After King Saul and Jonathan died, […]
When Isaac was an old man, he told his oldest son Esau to bring him food and then he would […]
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King Saul became grumpy, so his servants asked David to play the harp for him.  Saul enjoyed David’s playing so […]